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Ron was hooked on electronics by 11 years of age. His early years were primarily focused on learning electronic design, TV repair, and Ham Radio. He attended the University of California, Berkeley Engineering School and studied computer hardware and software design, pre-med, and AFROTC.

After graduating he served as an engineering officer in the U.S. Air Force for 4 years, then followed his calling to the mecca of engineers: Silicon Valley, CA.

During the next 8 years he worked for various Silicon Valley companies helping to develop products ranging from VME CPU boards that control robots to military Vehicle Electronics (Vetronics) to medical products. He was a primary software/system architect for a 2400 MHz digital key telephone system.

In mid 1993, he left the corporate world to pursue a product that combined two of his hobbies: computers and flying airplanes. The first product was called Flight Scheduling System (FSS) and was sold to flying clubs and car sharing organizations to completely manage the scheduling of their vehicles by a touch-tone telephone.

Concurrent to full-time employment, since the early 80's, Ron operated Wilder Engineering to both consult and design for various individuals and companies. He enjoys helping others turn their ideas into practical manufacturable products. He especially enjoys using microcontrollers to create small devices that are intelligent or control things.

Ron has always tried to learn a little about a lot of things. By not specializing in a single specialty, he has "touched" many different areas. This approach provides him with the ability to better develop the architecture of systems. As an example, he can help his clients evaluate the trade-offs between software, digital, analog and microcontoller design and can thereby help to develop a product that best fits the customer's requirements.

In the past few years, Ron met the gal of his dreams, got married, moved to Reno, NV and set up shop to focus his energy on helping others turn their ideas into products.